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Published on March 14, 2015

February was not a good month for me. A lot of ish went down.

I was still reeling over how terrible my new ninth graders are. I had an incident where a student threw a pen at my head and called me a b***h and a ho. I even called his mother about it and met with her. No remorse at all. As if he didn’t think what he did was bad. The next few days he just acted the same. He’s finally out of my class. But now I have to deal with whoever is left behind.

Then we learned that our (awesome, wonderful) interim principal is leaving for greener pastures. Then we learned that one of students passed away after being shot. All in the same week.

Students in general were terrible. Managed as much as I could with what I could.

And then snow days.

The break was much needed, but there was no consistency with the students’ schedule. So everyone was a mess.

Overall February was weird.

March looks like it’s looking better. 18 more days until Spring Break.


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